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African lovegrass, caltrop, Bathurst burr, khaki weed, innocent weed and silverleaf nightshade: these are some of the declared weeds that will need to be controlled this summer to minimise their spread and impact.

As the weather warms up in late spring and over summer, these declared plants will germinate, grow, flower and set seed very rapidly when conditions are right.

Natural Resources Management Officer Jon Forrest urges landholders to be vigilant and check known weed sites early to detect when plants have emerged.

"Treating the plants when young will save costs, time and effort, and is essential in preventing seed set to reduce the overall seed bank," Mr Forrest said.

"Exercising correct vehicle hygiene practices is also essential in helping to prevent the spread of summer weeds.

"Many have burry seeds that will attach easily to vehicles and machinery, spreading the weed.

"Landholders should also ensure contractors are thoroughly checking their equipment before moving between properties and to avoid moving stock from infected areas to clean ones.

"Know your enemy – it’s important landholders can identify the weeds correctly to come up with a suitable control strategy."

The free SA Weed Control handbook (available from your local NRM Officer) and SA Weed Control phone app can aid in weed ID and control options, or contact an NRM Officer who will be happy to help.

Your local NRM Officer can be found via the Natural Resources South East website or calling the Natural Resources Centre:

Mount Gambier - 8735 1177 Keith - 8755 1620

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