Ewens Ponds open for the summer

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After taking its annual spring break Ewens Ponds will open to snorkelling and diving on Monday 2 December.

National Parks & Wildlife Service Ranger Aidan Laslett said the annual spring closure is timed to coincide with the growing period for aquatic plants. "The annual spring closure gives the ponds system and the unique aquatic life in it the chance to rest and recover before an influx of visitors over summer." he said.

The Department for Environment and Water has recently taken further steps to conserve this area for visitors and the unique species that call the ponds home, including the endangered Ewens Pygmy Perch (Nannoperca variegata).

"In order to manage the number of people in the ponds and ensure sustainable use into the future the Department has introduced a permit system to maintain a balance between visitor use and conservation to sustain the ponds and the aquatic vegetation it relies on for its health. The new permit system will reduce overcrowding at peak periods and improve visitor experience by providing healthier plant life for snorkellers and divers to enjoy," Mr Laslett said.

Visitors to Ewens Ponds are reminded to book online prior to diving or snorkelling. Snorkelling and diving are the only aquatic activities allowed in the ponds.

For more information on Limestone Coast parks, see the National Parks & Wildlife Service SA website or contact National Parks & Wildlife Service Limestone Coast on (08) 8735 1177.

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