Neighbours urged to join forces in fight against feral foxes

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Natural Resources Management Officers are urging local landholders to join forces with their neighbours and work together on a coordinated fox control program this season.

NRM Officer Neville Staude said control methods such as shooting and flashing lights are ineffective if not part of a greater baiting program.

“A coordinated neighbourhood approach to fox control is the best way of reducing population numbers,” Neville said.

“This includes following an integrated plan utilising all options available including baiting, shooting and fumigation of dens.”

“Autumn fox numbers are high, which is concerning for producers coming into lambing season, and more generally to native wildlife.”

At this time of the year, young foxes are dispersing from their dens, looking for food and new territory.

“Working with your neighbours to control foxes, whether you’re a producer or not, benefits the entire landscape.”

Get in touch with your local NRM Officer for advice and supply options for the most appropriate fox control methods for your property.

Contact information can be found via the link below or by calling the Natural Resources Centre in Mount Gambier 87351177 or in Keith 87551620.

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