Revegetation to strengthen fragile Coorong habitat

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Fragile habitats along the Coorong are set to strengthen with thousands of new seedlings planted as part of revegetation work by the Our Coorong | Our Coast project and the Ngarrindjeri Lands Progress Association (NLPA).

The Our Coorong | Our Coast project is helping to improve the ecological character of the Coorong, by rehabilitating habitats for threatened species.

Project Coordinator Julie Palmer said through partnership with the NLPA, the Coorong’s Traditional Owners have been key drivers of the rehabilitation.

“During the past couple of months, members of the NLPA planted over 17,600 seedlings and plants at three priority sites,” Julie said.

“When these habitats are re-established, we hope to see an increase in native birdlife returning to the area.”

The revegetation covered approximately 15 hectares, focussing on degraded land and improving buffering of the Coroong Ramsar site.

“Native species from a range of vegetation communities – combinations of plants that grow together – have been used depending on the site,” Julie said.

“This has included some tall shrubland, low woodland species, mid to low shrubs, and ground covers to best restore habitat to its pre-disturbed landscape.”

Consideration has been given to accessibility, to ensure that visitors are still able to view and enjoy the area.

“These areas are popular for locals and tourists. Prior to work commencing, the sites were mapped with consideration given to the location and species height of what we planted.”

“We are really grateful to have the NLPA team involved. They have seen the degradation in the area over time and we’re committed to working together to re-establish healthy habitats in the Coorong.”

For more information on upcoming planting events contact Project Coordinator Julie Palmer 0467 739 211, or Community Engagement Officer Kellie Jordan 0428 645 664.

This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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