African lovegrass inspections to begin in upper Limestone Coast

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Inspections of African lovegrass infestations on properties in the upper Limestone Coast are about to commence as the Limestone Coast Landscape Board targets efforts to control the weed.

Collaboration with the community is key to containing infestations in the upper south east, and prevent further spread in the lower region.

Landscape Officers with the Limestone Coast Landscape Board will be inspecting properties and assisting landholders with identification of the pest plant, providing advice to support control efforts and encourage on farm compliance to manage infestations.

“The aim of our program is to reduce the impact and spread of this highly invasive grass to the agricultural industry and our environment,” said Operations Manager for the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, Mike Stevens.

“The inspections of properties and further mapping of infestations complements the control efforts already undertaken by the LC Landscape Board on roadsides.”

“Our Landscape Officers will again be treating African lovegrass this year following the treatment of 100 Ha along 430 Km of roadsides in 2021, providing protection to farms and benefitting over 200 landowners.”

The agricultural impact of African lovegrass in the region is significant with the hardy perennial weed producing large, unpalatable tussocks that have low nutrition value to livestock and displace productive plants in pastures.

The weed is a priority and the LC Landscape Board will be re-treating roadsides and conducting inspections with landholders on their own properties, to assess for the level of control and compliance.

“We are pleased to see community support for the program and the inspections for compliance are the next step following an 18 month education period and significant effort controlling the declared weed on roadsides,“ said Mr Stevens

“Our Landscape Officers are here to support landholders to identify and manage African lovegrass infestations on their property, we encourage landholders to reach out to our landscape officers for advice. “

African lovegrass is declared under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 and landholders have a legal responsibility to control the declared plant on their land.

For more information or advice on pest and weed management in your area contact your local Landscape Officer or the Limestone Coast Landscape Board in Mount Gambier 87351204 or Keith 87551620.

African lovegrass inspections to begin in upper Limestone Coast
African lovegrass roadside infestation.

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