Bat Night is back at Naracoorte Caves!

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The Limestone Coast Landscape Board is excited to see the return of the ever-popular Bat Night events at the Naracoorte Caves. These free events are for anyone keen to learn more about these mysterious creatures and their valuable contribution to the landscape.

Great news for landholders protecting their crops - bats can eat up to their own body weight in insects in one night! Did you know that insectivorous bats are known to consume vast quantities of insects every night, including species which are agricultural pests?

Limestone Coast Landscape Board Bush Management Advisor, Lu-Wei Spinks, said local bat expert Rose Thompson and bat researcher Nicola Bail will share their insights into the fascinating world of bats.

“Bats are unique and intriguing creatures and not many people have the opportunity to study them up close. We are privileged to have both Rose and Nicola hosting these events to share their knowledge and experience with us.” Lu-Wei said.

After hearing from our experts, participants will have the opportunity to observe the endangered Southern Bent-wing Bats via infrared camera before witnessing hundreds of bats flying into the sky at sunset.

For more information on bats or to register for Bat Night on either Thursday 10 November or Friday 18 November, click here

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