Discovering career pathways in our local Limestone Coast Landscape

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Students from Grant High School, Kingston Community School, Lucindale Area School and Millicent High School took part in the annual Career Immersion program last week. The five day program designed to expose students to a broad range of employment options was supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board by coordinating visits to unique natural assets, local farms and organisations. The activities enabled the students of the lower and upper Limestone Coast to experience career pathways in landscape management while learning more about sustainable farming practices.

Grant High School students visited two local farms in the region. The Splendid Egg pasture free-range egg farm and Mimosa Farm Trees, a native nursery where students learnt about direct seeding as well as regenerative agricultural practices, soil testing and biodiversity on farms. Students conducted soil tests and viewed shelter belts that have been established over time, learning about their value and how they have contributed to reducing lamb losses and increasing pasture growth.

Landscape Education Co-ordinator Vanessa Freebairn said ‘“Providing education and awareness opportunities in relation to career pathways in landscape management for the next generation is so important. Taking students outdoors to speak directly with land managers provides a deeper level of engagement for the students”.

Kingston Community School, Lucindale Area School and Millicent High School spent time with the South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board, learning about the geological history of the region and how the landscape has changed over time. With an afternoon at the local free range pig farm Beachport Berkshires, students learnt about sustainable farming practices and desirable employee qualities sought by employers, providing a useful insight for students joining the workforce in the future.

David Williamson Manager of the South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board said “presenting the diverse range of local job opportunities to these students is always a positive experience, and being able to be in the field for a hands on experience provides valuable practical knowledge outside of the classroom”.

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board provides support and resources to schools across the region in relation to landscape education. To find out more visit our website

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