Draft Padthaway Water Allocation Plan open for community consultation

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The draft Padthaway Water Allocation Plan is now open for a two-month public and community consultation period.

Following three years of review and consultation

Community members in the Padthaway Prescribed Wells Area are invited to learn about the key concepts underpinning the draft Padthaway Water Allocation Plan (the Plan) and provide feedback at the upcoming public consultation meeting in early May.

The community consultation meeting will be held at the Padthaway Football Club from 4pm on Wednesday 3 May 2023 and will present the draft plan including the key amendments developed in collaboration with the Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Dr. Penny Schulz, Chair of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, is encouraging all licensees and the wider community to come along to the meeting which will provide a final chance for the community to have their say on the draft plan.

“The formal public consultation is one of last major steps towards seeing the amended plan adopted,” said Dr. Schulz.

A water allocation plan sets out the rules for managing the take and use of prescribed water resources, they give consideration to the environment, social, cultural and economic needs, and seek to balance long term sustainability and security for all water users.

The draft Padthaway water allocation plan seeks to provide certainty to current and future users of water, particularly those whose livelihoods depend upon it.

“Balancing water resources across purposes is complex and a water allocation plan is just one of the many mechanisms in our efforts to achieve water security.”

“I commend the Padthaway community and Stakeholder Advisory Group on how they have worked together and taken ownership of their water allocation plan as a community striving to achieve an outcome that considers the environment, industry and social needs,” said Dr. Schulz.

Stakeholders in the Padthaway Prescribed Wells Area continue to demonstrate that they have a strong understanding of the resource condition and that they are committed to doing their part to ensure its sustainability into the future.

Following the community meeting, there will also be the opportunity to book one-on-one sessions with a Limestone Coast Landscape Board staff member, for individuals that require further discussion or clarification on particular concepts. These will be held in Padthaway on 4 May and 8 May 2023 in Padthaway.

All feedback from the public consultation stage will be reviewed in discussion with the Stakeholder Advisory Group before the final water allocation plan is presented to the Minister.

The formal public consultation stage of the review will be open for two months and the draft plan is available to view and provide feedback online at https://engage.lclandscapesa.c...

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