Feral deer eradication program hits the road

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Community members interested in finding out more about the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s (LC Landscape Board) Feral Deer Eradication Program are invited to attend a community update in Penola on Tuesday 13 June or Kingston on Thursday 15 June 2023.

“The LC Landscape Board has been scaling up efforts around the Feral Deer Eradication Program with it now extending south into areas around Penola,” said Limestone Coast Landscape Board General Manager, Steve Bourne.

“We feel now is an important time to update the community in these areas on the program, how it is delivering positive outcomes for primary producers, community and the environment and most importantly how they can participate,” said Mr Bourne.

The community updates will present results from the recent autumn operation undertaken by the LC Landscape Board where over 2,011 feral deer were removed from the Limestone Coast.

Reflecting on the autumn operation, Bart Peters, Project Officer Feral Deer for the Limestone Coast Landscape Board highlighted the achievements of the recent operations.

Over 135 private properties, forestry reserves and conservation parks were accessed during the autumn operation, which covered over 477,942 hectares using aerial and ground shooting and Conservation Wildlife Management SA volunteers.

“An increase of 40% more landholders signed up to participate in the 2023 autumn operation compared to 2022 demonstrates the community’s commitment to protect the region’s primary production, native habitats and public safety from the impacts of feral deer,” said Mr Peters.

“The increase in landholders participating in the program, which is funded though landscape levies, state and commonwealth funds, allows us to efficiently cover more areas for greater results.”

The Feral Deer Eradication Program integrates aerial and ground shooting operations with thermal and visual aerial monitoring, compliance and enforcement to assist landholders in meeting their responsibilities under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 to eradicate feral deer from their properties. The program is free for landholders to participate in.

Individuals interested in attending the Feral Deer Eradication Program community updates are required to register their attendance by visiting the NEW Feral Deer Eradication Program project page.

Feral deer eradication program hits the road

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