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Fox baiting – everybody needs good neighbours

News release
25 March 2019

Teaming up with your neighbours is proving an effective way to control pest fox numbers, for the benefit of the landscape, and your bottom line.

South East Natural Resources Management Officer Michelle Sargent said baiting during autumn is key, as young foxes are starting to spread from the den, and are easily attracted to baits.

“We’re focussed on promoting a consistent and coordinated approach to fox baiting,” Michelle said.

“This includes following an integrated management approach utilising all options available including baiting, shooting and fumigation of dens.”

Cameron Grundy from Cockatoo Lake is one local landholder leading the way with his baiting efforts. Cameron has been baiting for a number of years and said that a group effort has had great outcomes for his business, as well as the local landscape.

“A concerted effort amongst immediate neighbours at the point of lambing can deliver excellent results,” Cameron said.

“The first benefit for us is lamb survival - although a well-nourished ewe will better defend her lambs, fox pressure is still a threat.

“We’re thinking about the welfare of our lambs, protecting them from what can often be brutal attacks from foxes.

“Financially, every lamb that doesn’t make it to sale is a loss, straight off the bottom line.”

Further to the business benefits, the effects of fox baiting spread beyond property boundaries and into the community.

By adhering to directions for use, and best practice techniques, the risk to native Australian animals is greatly reduced.

“Our landholding adjoins wetlands, and we know it is important to protect the native wildlife in the area that can be targeted by foxes.”

It is essential to adhere to 1080 directions for use, and follow a best practice method for safety to dogs, and other wildlife. This includes a mandatory requirement to notify neighbours of your baiting program.

“I would encourage all landholders to get together with their neighbours and fully embrace a fox baiting program.”

NRM Officers are able to supply the standard 1080 fox baits, canid pest ejector capsules, as well as PAPP. For more information, or for help with organising a fox baiting group in your area contact your local NRM Officer. See the link below for contact information, or call 8735 1177.

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