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Funding from Limestone Coast Landscape Board provides collaborative approach to landscape management

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Penola Park Swamp was recently the site of a successful collaborative project between

Funding from Limestone Coast Landscape Board provides collaborative approach to landscape management

Timberlands Pacific, Nature Glenelg Trust (NGT) and Burrandies Aboriginal Corporation, with the assistance of Mount Gambier and Penola High schools. Funding was provided through the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s 2020/21 Grassroots Grants program.

Mount Gambier High School and Penola High School participated in various field trips that included flora and fauna identification (native and exotic species), understanding requirements of weed control, planting propagated native species, cultural learning and storytelling, seed collection and propagation, data collection and analysis, establishing photo monitoring points, and assessment of ecosystems and their role in the landscape.

Mount Gambier High School teacher Jess Magarey praised the project saying “The Penola Park Swamp Project provided valuable experiences for our year 8 HASS classes as they were able to take classroom learning and see how it translates into a real world context. The students enjoyed all elements of the project and were able to contribute to the sustainability of the area through tree planting and other environmental activities”.

The project’s landscape management objectives were achieved by increasing and protecting the biodiversity values of the swamp as well as establishing partnerships between local schools, industry groups and the Limestone Coast Landscape Board in a safe environment.

Kelly Williamson, Tree Crop Manager from Timberlands Pacific said “The Green Triangle Forest Operating Sub Trust, managed by Timberlands Pacific, has really enjoyed the community collaboration provided by this project, and will make use of these created links by looking for further opportunities to work with schools and cultural groups at this site and other sites within the estate. We plan on continuing the work the Penola Park Swamp project has been able to initiate, with an intention to not only maintain the improvements made at the site but hopefully expand on them”.

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