Funding to support landholders control African lovegrass

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Landholders near Tintinara and Ngarkat can control African lovegrass infestations on their property by joining the free African Lovegrass Control Program (the Program).

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA), in partnership with the Limestone Coast Landscape Board (LC Landscape Board), is offering the Program to landholders in the upper Limestone Coast to reduce the economic burden of the declared weed.

The program is free to join and will target a priority zone near Tintinara and south of Ngarkat in the upper Limestone Coast. Spot spraying of African lovegrass on participant’s properties will be made available, along with support from local Landscape Officers with plant identification, mapping and best practice advice.

"We're looking to maximise the impact of the Program by having many landholders join up to a large scale and coordinated control approach," said PIRSA Weed Control Coordinator, Tim Liebelt.

Landholders in the upper Limestone Coast have until 22 December 2023 to sign up.

“This season the Program will run until March 2024 and is a practical opportunity for landholders to reduce the impact and spread of this highly invasive grass,” said Mr Liebelt.

Team Leader of Northern Landscape Operations for the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, Josh Rosser said the Program will help landholders meet their obligations to control the declared weed on their land under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019.”

Complementing the program is a demonstration site near Tintinara showcasing practical options for African lovegrass control.

Landholders who want to visit the demonstration site can contact LC Landscape Board Landscape Officers to arrange a visit.

The agricultural impact of African lovegrass in the upper Limestone Coast is significant.

It is a hardy weed that produces unpalatable tussocks of low nutrition value to livestock. It displaces productive plants in pastures and creates a bushfire hazard.

“Collaboration with landholders is key to containing infestations in the upper Limestone Coast. It also prevents further spread to the southern parts of our region where we are successfully controlling outbreaks,” said Mr Rosser.

“Signing up to the program is easy and takes under five minutes, I encourage everyone to get on board and sign their properties up today”, said Mr Rosser.

The program is funded by the Commonwealth Government and State Government through the Priority Weeds, Cropping and Pasture Weeds Program.

Landholders looking for further information about the program or to sign up to the program are requested to visit the African Lovegrass Control Program site at

Funding to support landholders control African lovegrass
African lovegrass

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