Karst Springs restoration project starts the journey of wetland restoration

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The Karst Springs and Alkaline Fens Restoration Project in eight mile creek is now underway.

The Karst Springs and Alkaline Fens Restoration Project in eight mile creek is now underway. The purchase of the property by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board aims to rejuvenate a critically endangered wetland ecosystem, contribute to water security goals and create new caring for country opportunities for First Nations.

Chair of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board Dr. Penny Schulz said, “The property has been purchased so that the site can be restored to a functioning wetland ecosystem. Careful investigations, monitoring and planning are now underway at the site and will continue over the life of the project and beyond.”

“Many people in the Limestone Coast might not be familiar with these rare and incredible karst spring systems on our southern coast. We’re looking forward to this project shining a spotlight on how it is possible to transform parts of our landscape from paddock to wetland” said Dr. Schulz.

The site includes three of our regions unique karst springs, which previously supplied water to an extensive surrounding wetland ecosystem. Reinstating water to the surrounding land on this site will provide habitat for a range of biodiversity, including threatened species.

It is anticipated that on-ground works will enable re-inundation to the karst springs site late in 2025 with works expected to be completed in 2028. The re-inundation of the springs and alkaline fens will provide wetland habitat for native plants and animals to re-establish populations, as well as providing agricultural benefits from a healthy landscape.

The restoration will contribute to water security, carbon sequestration and provide ecosystem services to surrounding agriculture.

“The Limestone Coast Landscape Board looks forward to working with partners on this project and showcasing how holding water in the landscape has benefits and value for everyone” Dr. Penny Schulz commented.

To find out more about the project, go to Limestone Coast Landscape Board Conversations page https://engage.lclandscapesa.com.au/save-our-springs and follow the page to receive project updates. Further updates are expected towards the middle of the year.

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