Land managers – our local heroes of soil health!

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World Soil Day, 5 December 2022, is celebrated each year to acknowledge the roles of primary producers and community in actively managing for healthy soils for a sustainable future.

Land managers of the Limestone Coast are the heroes of any soil story because the soil they care for, is the soil that produces our food! Soil management is complex and challenging to get the right balance of good soil tilth and drainage, large populations of micro-organisms, sufficient levels of essential nutrients and low weed pressure in order to optimise yields. Practices such as growing cover crops, reducing tillage, encouraging dung beetle activity and adding organic amendments improve soil health.

Want to learn more? The Limestone Coast Landscape Board works with landholders by providing support services and resources that offer current local information and inspiration for managing for good soil health.

To hear some inspirational stories from some of our Limestone Coast locals about the great things they do, go to the Limestone Coast Landscape Board website, and also check out the webpage featuring our six short carbon explainer videos, or contact your local Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators Skylea McLean (0437 030 765) or Eykolina Benny (0417 575 474).

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