Landholders urged to plan fox control now

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The Limestone Coast Landscape Board (LC Landscape Board) is encouraging landholders around the region to plan spring fox baiting to boost your bottom line and protect native wildlife.

“Spring is breeding season for foxes, with an increased food demand for rearing young,” said Team Leader of Southern Landscape Operations for the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, Lizzie Doyle.

“Baiting during spring when young cubs emerge, then again in autumn when foxes disperse ahead of the mating season, is best practice and can achieve a substantial reduction in fox populations. On top of protecting prime lambs, it helps to provide protection to migratory ground nesting birds that visit our region each summer.”

“To support landholders fox control efforts this spring, we are discounting fox baits in targeted areas and holding distribution days across the Limestone Coast where landholders can pick up their pre-ordered fox baits in a location near them,” said Ms Doyle.

With a number of distribution events planned at locations such as the Tintinara council depot, Lucindale Football Club and the Reedy Creek Hall, the distribution days will be an opportunity for landholders to pick up their discounted baits and chat with their local Landscape Officer.

“The distribution days are discounting baits in targeted areas to encourage landholders to conduct their fox baiting in specific council areas over the same time period, ensuring effective, large-scale control and population knock-down”, she said.

“The days are a timely reminder for landholders to work together to coordinate their fox baiting and integrate control methods such as ground shooting, poison baiting and den fumigation.”

“Different baits are available to suit each landholders needs, and our Landscape Officers will also be providing onsite Canid Pest Ejector (CPE) demonstrations and equipment hire.”

CPE’s have added a new dimension to fox baiting in the Limestone Coast and brings piece-of-mind to some landholders. The unit is fixed to the ground and ejects a capsule of 1080 bait solution directly into a fox’s mouth targeting the predators and ensuring poison baits are not moved.

CPE’s provide greater flexibility for landholders living in semi-urban areas as baits can be placed up to 150m from residential dwellings, compared with traditional baiting methods of burying baits that is restricted over 500m from a residence.

“Our Landscape Officers are located across the Limestone Coast and support landholders in their fox control efforts through coordinating neighbourhood programs, supplying bait, hiring equipment and much more.”

Visit our events page to find the fox bait distribution days and locations nearest to them, their local Landscape Officer’s contact details or access the bait order forms.

For more information on fox control in your area call the Limestone Coast Landscape Board on 08 8429 7550 to be put in contact with a Landscape Officer in your area.

Landholders urged to plan fox control now

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