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Landholders urged to plan now to reduce the impact of foxes on lambing numbers this autumn

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Landholders are urged to plan now prior to peak lambing season to improve lamb survival and their agricultural bottom line.

“Foxes are estimated to cost the Australian economy up to $227 million a year and fox predation in the Limestone Coast can result in up to 30% of lamb loss,” said Limestone Coast Landscape Board, Team Leader for Northern Landscape Operations, Josh Rosser.

“There is no stand-alone method to control foxes and the most effective fox control programs are achieved through landholders coordinating their baiting efforts and utilising a variety of methods such as ground shooting, baiting and den fumigation,” he said.

“This season we are encouraging coordinated neighbourhood baiting programs where baiting discounts are provided when three or more neighbouring landholders participate in a baiting operation at the same time, “said Mr Rosser.

A new dimension to fox baiting in the Limestone Coast is the addition of canid pest ejectors or CPE’s.

Landscape Officers for the Limestone Coast Landscape Board (LC Landscape Board) will be providing onsite Canid Pest Ejector demonstrations daily 10am, midday and 2pm at the LC Landscape Board display at site 275 Yakka Park at the South East Field days on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March at Lucindale.

A CPE ejects a capsule of 1080 solution directly into a fox’s mouth. Native animals do not have the jaw capacity to release the canine pest ejectors piston mechanism and small native animals such as birds cannot release or move the baits.

As there are no baits left lying around with CPE’s the social impact of baiting is reduced. They provide greater flexibility for landholders living in semi-urban areas as baits can be placed up to 150m from residential dwellings compared with traditional baiting methods of burying baits where the distance restriction is over 500m from a residence.

The demonstration at the Field Days is a great opportunity for landholders to see CPE’s in action, chat about the various pest control options available and order bait.

“There will also be an option for attendees of the Field Days to book in a time to loan LC Landscape Board CPE devices to trial whether it is beneficial for their individual situations.”

“Our Landscape Officers are located across the Limestone Coast and support landholders in their fox control efforts through coordinating neighbourhood programs, supplying bait, equipment hire and much more.”

For more information on fox control in your area call the Limestone Coast Landscape Board on 08 8429 7550 to be put in contact with a Landscape Officer in your area.

Landholders urged to plan now to reduce the impact of foxes on lambing numbers this autumn
Tools of the trade for fox control
Landholders urged to plan now to reduce the impact of foxes on lambing numbers this autumn
Team Leader for Northern Landscape Operations, Josh Rosser.

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