Landscape Board rolls out information sessions to support stakeholder understanding of review

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The Limestone Coast Landscape Board (LC Landscape Board) is conducting a series of stakeholder information sessions to support the review of the Lower Limestone Coast Water Allocation Plan.

The purpose of these sessions is to provide groups from the Lower Limestone Coast the opportunity to contribute directly to the process and broaden their understanding of the review.

“While we have an established Stakeholder Advisory Group which represents community, environment, primary production and industry in the region, we recognise that many other people have valuable contributions to the review that we need to hear, “said Limestone Coast Landscape Board Chair, Dr Penny Schulz.

“We have already held a number of information sessions with groups such as dairy, energy and mining and forestry as part of the series, but with more planned we encourage the community to visit our project page for more information about the sessions that are relevant to them including a community session that will be open to the public in July,” said Dr Schulz.

The Lower Limestone Coast Water Allocation Plan is pivotal in directing the long-term sustainability of the lower Limestone Coast water resources for the people, environment, townships, and industries that rely upon these resources.

Under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019, a water allocation plan must be reviewed on a comprehensive basis at least once in every 10 years.

The Water Allocation Plan review for the Lower Limestone Coast Prescribed Wells Area is being undertaken as a staged approach, with the evaluation of the current plan expected to be completed by December 2023.

The evaluation stage of the review considers whether the plan has been successful in achieving its objectives and whether it remains appropriate or whether amendment is required. If amendment is required this would be undertaken as stage 2, commencing in 2024.

“The stakeholder and industry information sessions provide an opportunity for attendees to voice concerns early in the process, our aim is to ensure the review is transparent and that people are involved at every step.” Said Dr Schulz.

The sessions will be held across the region, and registration is via the project page which can be accessed at

Landscape Board rolls out information sessions to support stakeholder understanding of review

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