Let’s get batty with the Southern Bent-wing Bat!

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Our Southern Bent-wing Bat is Mammal of the Year, what can you do to prevent its extinction?

A new bat learning hub has been launched by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board as a portal for information, news and interactive activities for land managers, conservationists, bat enthusiasts, community members and their families. Increasing awareness of bats within the Limestone Coast will support the recovery of the rapid decline of this endangered species.

This community hub provides opportunities for conversations, informative sessions, access to expert ecologists and offers bat related competitions and prizes.

Mark de Jong, LC Landscape Board Habitat Conservation, Team Leader said that bats provide important environmental services to our landscapes. “Bats eat large volumes of insects, including insects that are pests to primary production. By providing habitat corridors, we can ensure bats have shelter and rest places during their busy nights of foraging amongst crops and fields for food.”

The Limestone Coast is home to 14 different bat species. Generally they go unnoticed although are occasionally seen roosting in outdoor sheds, roof eaves, woodpiles and flying under street lamps.

We can all play our part in supporting bats in our landscape, to find out more about bats visit Let's get batty

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