Lower Limestone Coast Water Allocation Plan moves to an amendment process

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The Limestone Coast (LC) Landscape Board has announced that amendment of the Lower Limestone Coast Water Allocation Plan (the Plan) is set to begin in early 2024.

The announcement follows the conclusion of an 18 month review period which has found that amendment is required for the Plan to remain appropriate for the region.

In acknowledging the complex review process, Dr Penny Schulz, Chair of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, thanked the licence holders, community members and industry and interest groups who contributed to the review process.

“We are grateful for the input and commitment from our community, in particular of our Stakeholder Advisory Group.”

“Their contribution to the review has been invaluable and we look forward to continuing to work with them through amendment,” said Dr Schulz.

Commencing in 2024, the amendment will focus on new knowledge, sustainable allocation, environmental provisions, legislative and policy alignment, licencing complexity, administrative ease and the water market.

“Amendment will mean that the Plan will change and the process to determine the necessary changes will involve extensive consultation.”

“We recognise amendment will create uncertainty and we are committed to a high level of transparency and stakeholder engagement throughout the process,”

“I encourage people across the Lower Limestone Coast to take up the opportunities to get involved and be a part of developing the revised plan,” said Dr Schulz.

The 2013 Lower Limestone Coast Water Allocation Plan (the Plan) introduced important changes that transformed water policy in the Lower Limestone Coast.

It converted area-based water licences to volume and enabled the impacts of commercial plantation forestry to be managed through licensing.

While review recommends that amendment is required it is only with this foundation that water policy reform in the Lower Limestone Coast is possible.

“Climate change is an increasingly important consideration for water allocation planning, adding a new layer of complexity. This amendment will ensure our changing climate is appropriately considered.”

“We are in a strong position as we move to amendment with the data, science and foundations of the current plan to build from. “

“By working together, we can ensure a sustainable and resilient water future,” said Dr Schulz.

For further information on the review and to stay up to date with the amendment visit and follow the project page www.engage.lclandscapesa.com.au/llcwap.

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