‘Making Every Drop Count’, Landscape Board innovative new approach to water in the Limestone Coast

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The Limestone Coast Landscape Board is leading the way in water sustainability in the region with its ‘Making Every Drop Count’ focus. This strategic approach addresses the challenges of water security in a changing climate to protect our water resources and the ecosystems and industry that depend on them for future generations.

In leading the planning and management for sustainable water use, the Limestone Coast Landscape Board balances the needs of the environment, industry, social and culture for this precious resource.

Penny Schulz, Chair of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board highlighted the new collaborative and strategic approach taken by the Board. “We are seeking innovative ways to support the sustainable use of water by primary production and industry in our region while protecting our region’s ecosystem and rejuvenating key wetlands.”

In line with its innovative new direction the Limestone Coast Landscape Board was a successful recipient of funding from the State Government Landscape Priority Fund - looking to explore bold and innovative new ways to achieve water security and sustainability in the Limestone Coast in a changing climate.

Collaborations and partnerships are key to achieving water security and sustainability. Partnerships with over eleven different groups and organisations from the across the Limestone Coast will ensure a balanced approach.

‘Making Every Drop Count’ will work with partners to identify and implement projects that balance protecting and enhancing the regions water resources, growing sustainable primary production and conserving and enhancing our regions biodiversity.

Included in the broader focus of the ‘Making every Drop Count’, water security and sustainability approach by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board is the recently announced Regional Recharge Farms project, jointly funded by the Commonwealth under the National Water Grid Fund – Connections Pathway program. The project will undertake infrastructure works to hold water in the landscape to improve aquifer recharge, protect ecological values at Middle Point Swamp (Hutt Bay Wetland) and increase the security and reliability of water for primary production in the Lower Limestone Coast Prescribed Wells Area.

Partners in the Limestone Coast Landscape Board ‘Making Every Drop Count’, Water Security and Sustainability focus are;

  • Nature Glenelg Trust,
  • South East Aboriginal Focus Group
  • South East Water Conservation and Drainage Board
  • SA Water
  • Goyder Institute for Water
  • Primary Industries and Regions SA
  • Primary Producers Sustainable Water Group
  • Department for Environment and Water- Water Science Team
  • Department for Environment and Water- Water Planning and Security Team
  • National Parks and Wildlife
  • Lake George Management Committee

For more information, please visit the Limestone Coast Landscape Board website or call the Mount Gambier office on 08 8735 1204.

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