Responsible Olive tree maintenance encouraged in the Robe and Kingston area

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The Limestone Coast Landscape Board are targeting feral olive control in the Robe and Kingston area.

Feral olives are highly invasive to native vegetation, degrade habitat for native wildlife and the oil-rich trees burn with great intensity creating significant bushfire hazards.

Unpicked olive fruit can be spread by animals and the resulting seedlings are extremely invasive.

Landscape Officers will be engaging landholders in the Robe and Kingston area to encourage the harvest of olive fruit or removal of unwanted trees.

Under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019, feral olives are declared for control and any olives planted for domestic, public amenity or commercial purposes must be maintained.

Landholders can help prevent the spread of domestic olives by ensuring trees do not fruit either by pruning ornamental trees before seed set, by ensuring all fruit is harvested from productive trees or removing entire trees and replacing with native habitat.

Senior Landscape Officer for the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, David Hinchliffe, says there has been an increasing trend to plant ornamental olive trees in gardens in the Robe and Kingston area.

“We are working directly with landholders in the area to encourage responsible olive tree maintenance including follow up control to treat seedlings and build awareness of the compliance requirements of owning an olive plant”, said Mr. Hinchliffe.”

Landholders are also encouraged to consider their choice when purchasing an olive tree given the maintenance required in their management and the alternative native plant options that offer similar aesthetic qualities and the added benefit of habitat for native wildlife.

For more information or advice on pest plant and animal management in the Robe and Kingston area local Landscape Officer Dave Hinchliffe on 0455 612 171 or by calling the Limestone Coast Landscape Board on 08 8429 7550.

Responsible Olive tree maintenance encouraged in the Robe and Kingston area

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