Shaping water security in the Limestone Coast- Survey out now!

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How the community values its water resource is one element that will shape future water resource management activities undertaken by the Limestone Coast (LC) Landscape Board.

This is being investigated through a Water Values Survey which will help the LC Landscape Board understand what the community believes are acceptable impacts of water use in the Limestone Coast and inform the Board’s water resource management approach.

“Understanding how you value your water will help shape the way we develop, use and manage this precious resource” said Chair of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board Penny Schulz.

“We know our climate is changing and that this will have an impact. Water underpins so many elements of how we live and work in this region, understanding how all people weigh up the benefits and costs is another piece of the puzzle in how we manage it,” said Penny.

“As our industries and towns grow thirstier in a changing climate we need to shine a light on the broader value.” Limestone Coast Landscape Board General Manager, Steve Bourne said.

“When people think about water in this region they often think about the water allocation plans or the drainage network but fundamental to how we manage this resource needs to be how you value water and what you will accept being done to it and by whom.”

“We underpin water resource management with science and data but we also need to bring in social and economic considerations to inform our ‘Making every drop count’ direction. “ Mr Bourne said.

The LC Landscape Board’s ‘Making Every Drop Count’ approach addresses the challenges of water security in a changing climate to protect our water resources and the ecosystems and industry that depend on them for future generations.

“Water is central to agricultural, industry, social and cultural needs of the Limestone Coast, and managing water use across these purposes whilst sustaining water-dependent ecosystems is a balancing act,” highlighted Ms Schulz.

“We want to know how you value water to contribute to securing your resource now and for generations to come,” she said.

Visit to have your say and help shape and inform the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s approach to the region’s water security.

For more information, please visit the LC Landscape Board website or call the Mount Gambier office on 08 8735 1204.

Shaping water security in the Limestone Coast- Survey out now!

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