Students lead the way in protecting our coastal habitat

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Students gathered at Nene Valley last week with Limestone Coast Landscape Board Education Coordinators Vanessa Freebairn and Damien Bickley

to get hands on in our coastal habitat. Students discovered the significance of coastal habitats and the importance of protecting them and their inhabitants including local and migratory shorebirds.

Four of the students from Mulga Street are participating in the Limestone Coast Landscape Board – Young Environmental Leaders Program (YELP) this year. Students undertook professional development training, facilitated by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, earlier in the year in relation to micro plastics and their effects on the landscape. Damien Bickley said “it is great to see the YELP students taking on a leadership role in their school and using their skills and knowledge to share their findings with peers”. This excursion provided a great hands on experience for the students to showcase their learning.

When the students had finished their educational theory, they participated in a beach clean-up ensuring macro and micro plastics were removed from the beach to reduce impact on shorebirds and their young. The results from the clean-up were astounding with a ute load of rubbish collected. Mulga Street Primary School should be commended on their ongoing commitment to maintain the Nene Valley coastline. They have been visiting the area bi-annually for the past decade contributing to protecting this precious coastal habitat.

By creating a generation of empowered and committed, young environmental leaders we can rest assured our coastal habitats and shorebirds are in good hands!

If you would like more information on field trip sessions with our Education Team please contact the Limestone Coast Landscape Board on (08) 87351204.

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