Summer weeds- A love heat relationship

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Limestone Coast landholders are urged to plan summer weed control now as several pest plants start to emerge ahead of the summer season.

Declared weeds are notorious for their rapid germination, growth and vigorous seed set, which causes havoc to primary production and the environment.

Emerging summer weed species include African lovegrass, Caltrop, Bathurst burr, Khaki weed, Innocent weed, Blackberry and Silverleaf nightshade.

Landholders are urged to check known weed sites early and detect new incursions as they emerge, which saves time, money and can reduce long-term impact.

Limestone Coast Landscape Board Landscape Officer Andrew Shepherd said identifying pest plants correctly is the first step in planning a control program.

“Preventing the spread and decreasing weeds on your property can be a benefit to the productivity and profitability of your land”.

“Some types of grass seeds, fruit and burrs easily attach to vehicles, people, animals and machinery.”

“Landholders should be aware that vehicles moving between paddocks or properties may spread infestations. It is recommended that precautions are taken when moving stock from infested areas to clean ones, including along roadsides,” Mr Shepherd said.

Limestone Coast Landscape Board Landscape Officers are located across the region and are available to work with landholders on their property to provide advice for pest plant and animal control, such as weed identification, best practice control methods and timing of control.

Landholders have a legal responsibility, under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019, to control declared plants on their land.

Landholders can contact their local Landscape Officer by calling the Limestone Coast Landscape Board offices at Mount Gambier on 8735 1204 or Keith on 8755 1620.

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Summer weeds- A love heat relationship
Pictured. Landscape Officer Andrew Shepherd

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