Sustainability stars shine in Carbon Explainer series

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A group of innovative primary producers from across the Limestone Coast are the stars of a new videos series explaining the carbon cycle and sustainable land management in the region.

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board previewed the five-part video series in Mount Gambier and Keith ahead of the official release, which looms near.

The Carbon Explainer series feature two animated videos explaining the carbon cycle, along with three videos that delve into the personal stories of Limestone Coast landholders and primary producers across agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and forestry.

“It has been such a positive and rewarding experience working with some of our leading land managers during the filming of the videos as well as at our video preview launch events,” Limestone Coast Landscape Board Sustainable Primary Production Team Leader James Hall said.

“Increased carbon storage in soil can improve soil health, increase the land’s resilience to a more variable climate and help improve long-term farm productivity,” Mr Hall said.

“The Carbon Explainer videos will provide a valuable starting point for anyone interested in learning more about carbon and soil health in the Limestone Coast – as well as carbon sequestration and emissions reduction,” he said.

Koonara Wines’ Dru Reschke is among several of the region’s primary producers featured in the videos, sharing insight into the benefits of adopting carbon-focussed sustainable land management practices.

“We have the foundations in the Limestone Coast with our climate, soils and innovative people to move forward, learn and embrace our carbon future,” Mr Reschke said.

“Not only are we improving our land for the next generation, it is smarter business with scope to improve profitability and productivity,” he said.

“Together we can make the Limestone Coast a world leader in sustainably produced food and fibre through smart carbon management.”

The Carbon Explainer series has been delivered by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board through funding from Agrifutures Australia.

Visit or follow the Limestone Coast Landscape Board on Facebook for more information about the Carbon Explainer series release.

Sustainability stars shine in Carbon Explainer series
Caption - Limestone Coast Landscape Board Sustainable Primary Production project officer Kate Holberton (left) with some of the primary producers involved with the Carbon Explainer videos, including Nick Baverstock, Mike Lawson, Hans Loder, Dru Reschke, Sally Schulz and Terry Buckley.

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