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Taking the bait – fox control to improve your bottom line

News release
21 April 2022

Landholders are encouraged to start their autumn fox control programs and pick up fox baits from their local Landscape Officer.

Reducing fox numbers prior to peak lambing season can improve lamb survival and the agricultural bottom line.

“Foxes are estimated to cost the Australian economy up to $227 million a year and fox predation can result in up to 30% of lamb loss,” Limestone Coast (LC) Landscape Board Landscape Officer Lizzie Doyle said.

Fox baiting is recommended twice a year, in spring and now in autumn to reduce the fox population on your property.

Landscape Officers for the LC Landscape Board are located across the region and can help landholders control foxes on their property through advice such as best practice control methods, timing of control, the supply of 1080 fox baits, PAPP fox baits, canid pest ejector capsules, and provide trap hire.

“We can also provide support for landholders to organise neighbourhood coordinated fox control programs,” Lizzie said.

The toolbox for effective fox control includes baiting, ground shooting and fumigation of dens. Other options may include using guard animals, trapping and exclusion fencing.

“Most effective control occurs if multiple methods are used in a coordinated neighbourhood approach as it helps to reduce the fox population while limiting the potential baiting impacts in the community,” Lizzie said.

“It is essential to adhere to directions for use, and this includes a mandatory requirement to notify neighbours of baiting programs and specific distance requirements to assist with safety especially for dogs.

“Foxes are a declared pest animal under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 and the LC Landscape Board is committed to reducing the impact of foxes to native wildlife and agriculture.”

For fox control advice, the supply of baits, or for help organising and coordinating a fox baiting group in your area, landholders can contact their local Landscape Officer by calling the Limestone Coast Landscape Board in Mount Gambier on 8735 1204 or in Keith on 8755 1620.

Taking the bait – fox control to improve your bottom line
Limestone Coast Landscape Board Landscape Officer Lizzie Doyle with some fox control tools.