Time to outfox the fox

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The Limestone Coast Landscape Board are encouraging landholders to include a spring fox poison baiting program in their efforts to reduce the predator’s impact.

“Spring is breeding season for foxes, with an increased food demand for rearing young,” said Landscape Officer for the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, Josh Rosser.

“Baiting now, during spring, then again in autumn when foxes are beginning to disperse, is best practice and can achieve a substantial reduction in the population.”

“A successful control program is a win-win to reduce fox numbers prior to autumn lambing and protect our native wildlife,” said Mr Rosser.

“In the Limestone Coast, ground-dwelling birds such as the malleefowl are susceptible to fox predation.” Malleefowl are one of only three mound-building bird species in Australia and are listed as vulnerable under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972.

“Spring is when the malleefowl eggs are incubated in their mounds, meaning now is when the eggs and parents tending the mounds are at high risk from fox predation,” said Mr Rosser.

Landholders are reminded that there is no stand-alone method to control foxes and working with your neighbours has a much greater result.

“The best fox control programs are achieved through landholders coordinating their baiting efforts and utilising a variety of methods such as ground shooting, baiting and den fumigation,” Mr. Rosser said.

Landscape Officers are able to supply 1080 fox baits, PAPP fox baits, canid pest ejector capsules, and provide trap hire.

To support ground shooting efforts, PIRSA offer a fox bounty program and provide fox scalp collection days in the Limestone Coast. Further information about their next collection days are available on their website.

For more information on fox control in your area call the Limestone Coast Landscape Board on 08 8429 7550 to be put in contact with a Landscape Officer in your area.

Time to outfox the fox
Landscape Officer Josh Rosser with the tools of the trade for fox control.

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