Workshop invitation: Understanding forest soils in the Limestone Coast

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The upcoming Forest Soils Workshop will highlight ways to enhance forest productivity, through building an understanding of the relationship between soil characteristics and forest productivity.

Foresters and stakeholders will hear the latest research into harnessing innovative techniques like biochar and fertiliser application decision points. Presented by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, the free workshop on 5 December 2023 in Mount Gambier will present new insights into silviculture management practices.

Dr. Ehsan Sayad, Soil Extension Officer, Limestone Coast Landscape Board said the workshop was a chance to gain practical ways of boosting forestry production whilst making economic savings.

“Forest management can boost wood production by understanding soil type and soil characteristics, and then managing the plantation accordingly. It makes economic and environmental sense to only apply fertiliser where and when it is needed,” he said.

“We are bringing together Dr. Binoy Sarkar, a leading authority on biochar projects, and Dr. Barrie May, an expert in forestry soil testing requirements. They will share their knowledge and insights into harnessing biochar to bolster soil fertility. They will discuss soil testing requirements for informed fertiliser decision-making. I will be presenting the results of the latest soil relationship trial to better understand the effects of soil constraints on plantation management,” said Dr. Sayad.

Join the Limestone Coast Landscape Board in exploring the dynamics of forest soils for wood production and the implications of soil health for silviculture management practices in the Limestone Coast.

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