Pest plants and animals

Landscape management all about protecting and maintaining the indigenous landscape. The introduction of plants and animals in areas where they do not occur naturally has had major impacts in the Limestone Coast. Pests reduce effective land management, disturb the balance of native ecosystems and are an economic liability.

A range of pests are established in the region, and a number of new incursions are currently being eradicated.

Prevention and containment of pest plants and pest animals are key components in the continued work necessary to maintain and enhance our landscapes. The Limestone Coast Landscape Board has a detailed management framework for ensuring the protection of agriculture, the environment and public safety from the impacts of pest plants and animals.

Our network of Landscape Officers located across the region is a critical component in ensuring early detection of and rapid response to pest incursions.

The Landscape South Australia Act 2019 lists a range of pest plant and animals as declared species and provides significant powers to the Board to ensure effective control of pests in the region.

The most effective way to prevent or eradicate pest plants and animals is through a collaborative approach between landholders, the community and the Board; through a mix of education/information and action. A commitment to a collaborative approach ensures the best possible outcomes and provides a more sustainable and better economical approach to pest management.

Landscape Officers

If you need assistance with pest plant or animal control, please contact the Landscape Officers in your area or call 08 8429 7550

Report a weed

If you have found a declared weed or a new weed you are unsure of, please contact your nearest Landscape Officer.