Farmed deer

Under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 (the Act), deer are declared for control and the Act includes separate declarations for domestic (farmed) and feral deer.

The South Australian Deer policy aims to reduce the environmental, economic, and social impacts of feral deer through the ongoing reduction of the number of feral deer on all properties and in all sub-populations. The Act aims to prevent the illegal release of deer and to ensure boundary fences of deer farms meet construction and maintenance standards so farmed deer do not escape.

Domestic deer are livestock, which must be registered with PIRSA under a Property Identification Code. Further information on Domestic Deer in South Australia can be found on the PIRSA website.

Prevent Escapes- Domestic (Farmed) Deer Fencing

The best management technique for all deer species is to prevent their escape from deer farms into the natural environment or adjoining properties to ensure they do not supplement feral deer populations.

Under the Act domestic (farmed) deer must be secured or confined within a property by effective deer proof fencing.

Any escaped tagged domestic (farmed) deer should be reported to the nearest regional Limestone Coast Landscape Board office.

Deer farmers MUST immediately report any escaped domestic (farmed) deer to the Limestone Coast Landscape Board through the below options;

CLICK HERE to report Escaped Deer online

CLICK HERE to download an Escaped Deer Notification Form in PDF

Fencing standards are in place to not only ensure boundary fences are constructed, but also properly maintained to prevent escape of deer. It is the legal responsibility of the landowner to ensure that farmed deer are contained.

Authorised Officers of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board regularly inspect deer farm fences and are authorised to instruct deer farmers to maintain or repair boundary fences.

Further information about the deer farm fencing requirements and standards can be found at

Escaped Domestic Deer on your property

As a landholder if you see escaped domestic deer on your property, you should immediately report any escaped domestic (farmed) to the Limestone Coast Landscape Board through the below options;

CLICK HERE to report Escaped deer sightings online

CLICK HERE to download an Escaped Deer Sighting Notification Form in PDF

As per the steps in the above forms, If known, contact the deer farmer to alert them of escaped deer from their property.

Deer with a visible ear tag fitted can not be destroyed for 7 days, or a shorter period if instructed by a Limestone Coast Landscape Board Authorised Officer if the deer keeper has a history of deer escapes.

Once notified, the deer keeper has 7 days to recapture the deer, after which the deer will be classified as feral deer, which must be destroyed by the landholder.