Pest Plant & Animal Strategy

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board are pleased to present the Limestone Coast Pest Plant & Animal Strategy.

Pest plants and animals cost the Limestone Coast community millions of dollars a year through control costs, production losses, environmental impacts, social impacts and infrastructure damage.

Pest management is a shared responsibility. It is the responsibility of all landholders and a key responsibility of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board. Effective pest management needs the coordinated efforts of landholders, the community and other stakeholders to protect our agricultural industries and the environment.

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board (LC Landscape Board) has responsibility under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 (the Act) to ensure declared pest plants and animals (pests) are effectively managed across our region and that all landholders carry out effective control of declared pest species on their properties.

The pest plant & animal strategy

The Limestone Coast Pest Plant & Animal Strategy mission is “to protect agriculture, the environment and public safety from the adverse impacts of pest plants and pest animals” and guide best practice pest management in the region for effective resource use.

The development of the strategy has involved input, consultation, feedback and collaboration from key pest experts and the wider community.

Please find a link to the Limestone Coast Pest Plant & Animal Strategy HERE

For a hard copy of the strategy, please contact us.

The diversity of land use in the Limestone Coast creates many opportunities for pest invasion and spread. Prevention, early detection and initiation of rapid responses are the cornerstones of effective management of new pest plants and animals with ongoing management needed for established pests that are unable to be eradicated.

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board Pest Plant & Animal Strategy seeks to:

  • encourage more people to undertake effective pest management practices
  • provide a clear and detailed work program for pest management in the region
  • align community expectations in regards to pest plant and animal management
  • be a source of information to the Limestone Coast community on pest management

Focusing our management

The strategy provides direction to the LC Landscape Board and key stakeholders and assists in creating transparency and accountability for our actions. It aims to embed current best practice pest management in the region to protect the environment, the economy and the community from the adverse impacts of pests.

The Limestone Coast Pest Management Strategy identifies the highest risk pests in our region, as well as emerging pests to prevent them becoming established, and will guide the LC Landscape Board’s pest management actions and investment across the region for the next five (5) years.

Using the strategy- a guide for landholders

The Strategy also helps landholders in property-scale decision making.

Whilst prioritisation of pest management at landscape scale has been applied by the Pest Management Strategy, the declared pest plants and animals for the region have been prioritised by land use category to help landholders tailor their pest management to their situation.