Plants prohibited from sale

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board oversees the control program for declared plants in the region. This includes inspections of businesses such as nurseries and florists to ensure best practice in the management of plants prohibited from sale.

The inspections, undertaken by authorised Landscape Officers for the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, are just one tool in the management of declared plants in Limestone Coast nurseries and florists.

Impact of declared plants in the Limestone Coast

The release of declared plants into the Limestone Coast landscape can cause considerable impact to agriculture, environment, biodiversity and industry in the region. The cost of weeds to Australian agriculture is more than $4 billion each year. Many weeds, particularly those that invade bushland, rivers and coasts are escaped garden plants. Weed risk assessments are now used to determine the weed potential of new plant introductions into South Australia.

Plants prohibited from sale in South Australia

Plants that are considered as a serious threat are banned from being sold in South Australia. It is an offence to buy or sell any
plant listed as prohibited from sale. Declared plants are prohibited from sale anywhere in South Australia under Section 188 of the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 (the Act). Section 3 of the Act defines sell as including:

  • barter, offer or attempt to sell
  • receive for sale
  • have in possession for sale
  • cause or permit to be sold or offered for sale
  • send, forward or deliver for sale
  • dispose of by any method for valuable consideration
  • dispose of to an agent for sale on consignment
  • sell for the purposes of resale.

This includes the sale of nursery stock, florist stock, seeds or other propagating material.
It is not prohibited to sell or transport non-living products made from these plants, such as timber from Aleppo pine, or herbal medicines containing horehound. Such products are excluded from the definition of plant under the Act.

Our Landscape Officers are here to help

Landscape Officers with the Limestone Coast Landscape Board are available to support nurseries and florists in the region, through the provision of:

  • weed identification
  • advice and recommendations for the disposal and control of declared plants
  • best practice tools to assist with ensuring declared plants are not inadvertently sold
  • development of tools such as weed risk evaluation
  • information, publications and support.