Preventing weed spread

Weed hygiene practices are an important tool in combatting the spread of weeds. In the Limestone Coast weeds can cause significant impact to primary production, the natural environment and our townships and gardens.

Weed control is everyone's responsibility.

Weeds are often spread to new areas by hitching a ride on vehicles, equipment or clothing.

Implementing best practice weed and equipment hygiene techniques to reduce the spread of declared weeds, protects you, your resources and our Limestone Coast landscape from the negative economic, environmental and social effects of declared weeds.

Understanding our legal responsibilities

Everyone has a legal obligation to ensure that their activities do not contribute to the spread of weeds.

Under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019, a person must not transport or allow the movement of declared weeds on a public road or from one area to another.

The maximum penalty for this offence is $10,000 with a potential expiation fee of $500.

Best practice weed hygiene training tool and assessment

The LC Landscape Board have developed an online presentation and training tool to assist individuals in understanding weed spread and best practice weed hygiene methods to protect the region from the environmental, agriculture and social impacts of weeds in the Limestone Coast.

The training tool also seeks to educate individuals, businesses and contractors working on roadsides, in earthmoving and on properties of the impact of declared weeds to the region and understand their legal responsibilities and obligations when it comes to the movement of declared weeds.

The information is presented in an online presentation format where individuals can learn at their own speed, at the end of the presentation is a short quiz on the content and users who take part in the quiz will receive a document stating they took part in the Limestone Coast Landscape Board Best Practice Weed Hygiene. We expect that the presentation and questions should take approximately 30 minutes.

Preventing weed spread

Click the above image to access the best practice weed hygiene presentation and assessment.

If you have a number of staff that you believe will benefit from a short presentation on the content by one of our Landscape Officers please do not hesitate to contact us so we can facilitate your request.