Weed control services

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board offers a cost recovery weed control service to assist landholders to manage their responsibilities under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019.

The Act states that it is the responsibility of the landholder to control declared pest plants and animals on their property. They are also responsible for the prevention of sale or movement of pest plant and animals.

Landholders can undertake their own weed control activities, engage a private contractor to undertake the work or engage the Board’s weed control service. Where practical, the Board encourages landholders to undertake the control of declared weeds.

The Board’s services include:

Declared weed control – private land This service is for weeds that are listed as declared under the Limestone Coast Pest Plant and Animal Strategy and pose a significant threat to agriculture, the natural environment or public health and safety. Control methods generally include chemical control through spraying, mechanical or manual removal. Landscape Officers can provide advice on control methods and best practice.

Declared weed control – roadsides The LC Landscape Board is responsible for roadside declared pest animal and weed control and can seek to recover the costs of delivery from adjoining landholders.

The LC Landscape Board will, where practical, endeavour to provide opportunity for landholders to undertake roadside pest animal and weed control prior to coordinating control works (and therefore avoid being charged a fee). Permission must be sought through your local council prior to undertaking any work on the roadside.

Pest animal control A range of cost recovery services and products are also available for pest animal control. These typically include 1080 fox baits, 1080 rabbit baits and rabbit bait laying.

Current product price list

Limestone Coast Landscape Board Pest Management Products and Services Price List

Changes may occur to prices without prior notice.