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Adaptive Agriculture

The aim of the Adaptive Agriculture project is to increase the capacity of primary production systems in the Limestone Coast to adapt to significant changes in climate, and market demands for information on provenance and sustainable production.

The project supports the development of region specific information, and partners with industry groups to support landholders to build skills and capacity to manage climate change risk on farm and implement adaptation strategies. It provides farmers with opportunities and support to adapt their production systems to build resilience to variable climates and climate extremes, including extreme events. Project activities also aim to increase awareness and adoption of sustainable land management best practice that improves and protects the condition of soil, biodiversity and vegetation.

The project supports producers to develop skills and knowledge in markets for end products, including on increasing market demand for information about sustainable practices, what drives consumer demand for product provenance, and how to meet this demand for new food experiences through on farm product and production diversification.

The outcomes of the project are to increase awareness around climate variability and adaptation, as well as regional climate predictions for the Limestone Coast. This increase in knowledge aims to reduce risks associated with climate change to agricultural industries, as well as explore emerging opportunities for the region.

Adaptive Agriculture - Climate Factsheets & Land Use Guides

Limestone Coast Climate Factsheets:

Limestone Coast Sustainable Land Use Guides:

The above factsheets have been developed by the MacKillop Farm Management Group to capture and formalise local intelligence on sustainable land use for red meat and wool production in the Limestone Coast. The project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Adaptive Agriculture - Grants Program

The project includes a small grants program to support community, agricultural, forestry and fishery groups operating within the Limestone Coast. Projects funded by the Adaptive Ag grants program must benefit the Limestone Coast community and seek to promote, support or encourage the uptake of best practice in a changing climate. Projects may include but are not limited to;

  • hosting an engagement event, including but not limited to webinar series, field days or information sessions
  • conducting field trials or demonstrations of new and innovative technologies
  • publishing literature relevant to best practice agriculture
  • producing communication tools such as videos, websites, etc.

For more information refer to Adaptive Agriculture Grants.

Adaptive Agriculture - Additional Resources

Climate Kelpie – Climate Kelpie connects Australian farmers and their advisors to tools and information about climate to help make better decisions about farm business.

Business and Risk Management for Farmers – a comprehensive suite of information from Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) to support farm management decisions.

Climate Services for Agriculture – helping farmers and communities plan for the impacts of climate variability with interactive portal to see tailored climate information relevant to your local area.

This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Adaptive Agriculture

More information

Chelsea Burns

LCLB Adaptive Agriculture Senior Project Officer

0427 015 531