Water allocation plans

Water Allocation Plans in the region:

What is a Water Allocation Plan?

A Water Allocation Plan (WAP) is a legal document that sets out the rules for managing the take and use of prescribed water resources to ensure resource sustainability. It is developed with the community, industry and key stakeholders for each water resource identified as being significant, or ‘prescribed’ under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019.

Why are Water Allocation Plans important?

Water is a precious resource. There is a limit to how much is available for use on an ongoing basis so it is important to provide certainty to current and future users of water, particularly to those whose livelihoods depend on it. A WAP provides that certainty. WAPs give consideration to the environment, social and economic needs, and seek to ensure long term sustainability and security.

How is our water resource going?

Each year the Department for Environment and Water produces water resource status reports for our region. These reports are vital for helping to manage our water sustainably and ensure our policy and plans are as accurate as possible.

Water Resource assessments for 2017 are available: