Tatiara WAP review

A review of the 2010 Tatiara Water Allocation Plan started in February 2017.

Based on the outcome of the review the Board is undertaking a revision and amendment of the current plan.

A Tatiara WAP Review Document was prepared outlining different issues requiring consideration as part of any amendments and this was endorsed by the Board at its meeting on 26 October 2017.

Community consultation is an important part of the review, and a Stakeholder Advisory Group was formed in April 2017. Together with the Board, the group has been undertaking an analysis of the issues in the review s\document and developing recommended actions and draft amendments to the Tatiara WAP.

Discussion papers

A series of six discussion papers has been developed by the Stakeholder Advisory Group further exploring the 26 different issues identified in the Tatiara WAP Review Document.

These discussion papers group the issues into six main themes:

These papers identify options to address each issue and potential next steps for the Stakeholder Advisory Group to consider when developing a preferred approach to each issue.

Groundwater modelling

To assist in the review, the DEW Water Science and Monitoring Branch undertook modelling of groundwater extraction under a number of different scenarios. This modelling will be used by the Stakeholder Advisory Group to help inform sustainable use of the unconfined groundwater resource.

View the groundwater modelling presentation from the Tatiara WAP Public Meeting held in August 2017.

Risk assessment

As part of the review and amendment process, a risk assessment is being undertaken by the Stakeholder Advisory Group and DEW. This risk assessment measures risk to water resources, risk to community values and risk to the effective operation of the WAP.

Any intolerable risks identified as part of the assessment process will be reviewed to identify and apply appropriate controls to mitigate potential impact.

Unbundling Water Licenses

The Landscape South Australia Act 2019 requires that any WAP that is amended must unbundle water licenses.

unbundling water licences

There is some flexibility in the way licenses may be unbundled and the Stakeholder Advisory Group will review the options and develop a preferred draft system for consultation with the community.

What’s next?

 A draft revised Tatiara Water Allocation Plan is planned to be released for public consultation early 2021.