Tintinara-Coonalpyn Prescribed Wells Area WAP

A Water Allocation Plan (WAP) for the Tintinara-Coonalpyn Prescribed Wells Area was adopted on 23 April 2012.

The WAP aims to:

  • protect the resource for all water users, now and into the future
  • provide greater certainty for water users.

Key policies in the WAP include:

  • defining sustainable water allocation limits for the water management areas within the Tintinara-Coonalpyn Prescribed Wells Area
  • adjusting water allocations to meet the adopted limits where necessary in the Tintinara (unconfined) and Tolmer (confined) management areas
  • changes to the volumetric allocation methodology
  • increased flexibility of trade and transfers of allocations
  • carry-over policy for unused allocation.

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