African Lovegrass Targeted Assistance program

African Lovegrass Targeted Assistance program

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) in partnership with the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board is supporting landholders in the Murraylands control African lovegrass infestations on their property.

The program will see contractors deployed to undertake on-ground spraying targeting African lovegrass incursions. Spraying will be undertaken between January and February 2024 and will include the use of flupropanate, glyphosate or a combination of both.

Landholders in the hundreds of Vincent, Wilson, McPherson, Hooper, Marmon-Jabuk, Molineux, Seymour, Sherlock, Cotton, Bews, Parilla, Pinnaroo, Malcolm, Coolinong, Roby, Peake, Price, Quirke, Sherlock, Allenby, Day, Carcuma and Bonney are eligible to apply to participate in the initiative.

Landholders in these hundreds are invited to sign up to the African lovegrass control program which:

  • is free to join
  • will reduce the cost of controlling infestations on your property
  • will reduce the impact of African lovegrass on farm productivity
  • will support you to take control of African lovegrass, and
  • will help you meet your responsibility to control African lovegrass under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019.

Participant requirements are detailed in the Landholder Agreement form and include:

  • providing contractors and staff with access to relevant land
  • adhering to withholding periods as per the relevant label
  • monitoring the effectiveness of contractor spray treatments, and
  • following up any contracted spot spraying with their own control efforts.
African Lovegrass Targeted Assistance program

Register to express your interest in participating

Registrations of interest are now closed.

Resources will be allocated dependent on contractor availability to ensure as many landholders as possible receive assistance within the spraying season. All applicants will be advised of the outcome after 17 January 2024.

Additional support for landholders with African lovegrass incursions

As part of this project, a demonstration site has been established to examine the best knock down approaches for African lovegrass in the region. Results from this demonstration site will be discussed at a number of upcoming workshops to help landholders improve their knowledge about African lovegrass control.

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For more information

Please contact Senior District Officer Russell Norman on 0427 095 313 |

This program is funded by the Commonwealth Government and State Government through the Priority Weeds, Cropping and Pasture Weeds Program.