Volunteer insurance FAQs

  • Fact sheet
  • August 2015
Volunteer citizen scientists bird monitoring at Bird Island, Goolwa.

How do I keep track of/prove that someone was working on behalf of our volunteer group when they have an accident?

Each volunteer must complete a volunteer registration form. The project manager needs to have completed the:

Is my group covered by insurance?

In the past, some groups have neglected to send in their annual reports. They are recorded as “inactive” in our database and are hence no longer covered by insurance. 

If your group has been recorded as “inactive” in our database, you are required to send a letter requesting reinstatement as an “active” group. An annual report form will be sent to you for completion. Once this has been returned, and your information re-entered into the database, the group will be covered by insurance.

As long as groups are listed on the database as “active” (ie. they have returned their annual reports or approved new group forms), they are covered by insurance.

How do I get insurance cover?

New groups must fill out a registration form and send it in. Once the application has been approved, and the group’s information is entered into the regional database, your group will be covered by insurance.

How do I provide proof of insurance coverage?

A member of your volunteer group can phone Tara McAvaney (08 8226 2320) or Helen Dworak (08 8207 2279) of SAICORP or email tara.mcavaney@sa.gov.au to request a proof of insurance certificate.

What if a person is doing work for our listed volunteer group, but they’re not a group member and don’t have their own insurance. Are we/they covered?

As long as it can be proven that you/they are doing work under instruction of the listed volunteer group (ie. it has been recorded in a log book), then you/they are covered.

Is our group covered by professional indemnity insurance?

No. If your group requires professional indemnity insurance, you need to seek it through the commercial market place.

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