Gazania Swap

08 June 2024 until 09 June 2024
Gazania Swap

The Northern and Yorke Landscape Board is holding two Gazania Swap events on Yorke Peninsula over the June long weekend.

We’ll swap a photo of gazanias you’ve controlled or removed from your garden with free native plants.

Gazanias are escaped garden plants that have become an invasive environmental weed on roadsides and coastal dunes. Once established, they quickly outcompete local native plants and reduce habitat, food and shelter for wildlife.

Please register for the Gazania Swap event via the links below:

For more information, contact landscape officers Fabienne Dee on 0428 429 321 or Nick Nicholls on 0427 776 974.

Gazanias are a declared weed under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 and the sale of gazania or contaminated goods and its movement on a public road are prohibited.

Please note:

  • Do not bring gazania plants to the events.
  • If working on a large area or on a slope infested with gazanias, remove them gradually to reduce the risk of erosion. Speak to a landscape officer for advice before tackling large areas of gazanias on your property. Call us on 8841 3444.