Sessions in schools

School visits and meetings

NRM Education Coordinators are available to speak directly to the principal, staff, or at staff meetings, ‘green team’ meetings and governing council meetings about making positive environmental and social contributions to your school and local community.

Topics include:

  • assistance with developing a sustainability education management plan
  • ways for your school to reduce energy, waste and water use
  • ways for your school to increase biodiversity
  • curriculum planning support
  • accessing local environmental contacts and resources.
  • environmental programs and grants available for your school
  • tools to evaluate your journey towards sustainability.

Teacher professional development

Sessions are run throughout the year in Mid North, Southern Flinders and Yorke Peninsula regions to help teachers increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in incorporating activities about their local environment into the classroom curriculum.

Call your local NRM Education coordinators for information about programs that may suit you.

Youth voice

Young Environmental Leaders Program (YELP)

NRM Education runs a number of activities to help students get involved with environmental sustainability through the Young Environmental Leaders Program (YELP).

This program enables students to lead change in their school and community. Students are supported to become actively involved in decision-making, planning and taking action within the school and local community, whilst achieving environmental and educational outcomes linked to the Australian Curriculum. 

Students involved in YELP are exposed to new ideas, skills and ways of thinking around sustainability. Students are invited to attend knowledge-sharing forums and are provided with the following opportunities:

  • Develop and work on their own environmental action plan projects linked to their School Environmental Management Plan.
  • Share knowledge with their peers and other students back at school with NRM Education support.
  • Learn valuable peer teaching and presentation skills.
  • Develop leadership qualities – mentoring, motivating others, recruiting and promoting, problem solving, communicating, decision making.
  • Build team work skills – working within a team and individually, roles and responsibilities.

Youth Environment Council of SA (YECSA)

Students who participate in YELP may be motivated to nominate to be a part of the YECSA and represent youth from the Northern and Yorke Region and across the state. YECSA members participate in additional leadership workshops and collect young people’s environmental concerns, recommendations and action plans to take to the government.

Through these programs, students are supported to become active participants and leaders in sustainability planning and decision-making in their schools and local communities. They also gain personal and social benefits and make important contributions to environmental sustainability, as envisaged by the Australian Curriculum.

  • It’s great to come together with people with similar interests in the environment and inspiring to see what other people are doing. Meeting NRM workers, doing fieldwork and meeting the Minister have made me think about what I want to do as a career. I would definitely recommend YECSA to any students thinking of joining.
    (Ella Graham – Booleroo Centre Area School student, 2012/13 YECSA member and Rising Star Award Winner)

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