Teacher resources

The NRM Education team has collated a selection of teaching resources. Within each theme is a variety of tools such as units of work, resources, student activities and examples from other schools.




Through the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative – South Australia (AuSSI-SA), NRM Education encourages schools and preschools to embrace sustainability principles in their learning and management practices to help develop more sustainable communities. Schools and preschools need to register to participate in the AuSSI-SA program.

If we don’t have the information or resources you need or you are interested in working with another school, please contact your local NRM Education office.

Modification or distribution of resources

If you would like to copy, modify or otherwise distribute our resources, other than for personal or class use, please fill in the resource permissions form and fax it to the NRM Education central Adelaide office on (08) 8234 7266.

Grants and funding

Check out our grants and funding page for funding information. Many grants have a long lead time, so you may have to apply for funding the year before you intend to run your project.

Subscribe to our Yakka or Volunteers in Action electronic newsletters for information about other funding opportunities.

Tips for successful projects

  • Get students involved at the planning stages to encourage their ownership of the project.
  • Remember who your important partners are – school staff, the grounds person, parents and your local community will all need to be involved.
  • Don’t forget you can access environmental professionals, such as local NRM Education staff, who can help you with your projects.
  • Get inspiration from other teachers – talk with them about what fundraising activities they have used on their projects.

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