NRM Plan’s evidence library

At the core of the Regional NRM Plan, is an iterative, adaptive management planning process and decision-making framework in which community values, local knowledge and scientific evidence are combined to help facilitate conversations, clarify and resolve conflicting priorities, and ensure resources are committed to activities that provide the best return on investment.

The evidence library hosted on this page will support this ongoing planning process. It reflects information used to develop the plan, and will be updated and refined over time as new information becomes available during plan implementation. 

Evidence library

Access the evidence library (last updated on 17 February 2017).

The evidence library includes the following:

  • references 
    • all references cited in plan
    • additional references to support ongoing planning process
  • SAAL community values 
    • all community values (spatial and non-spatial) collected for the planning process
    • also see below for links to maps of spatial values
  • legislation, plans and policies 
    • all legislation, plans and policies relevant to SA Arid Lands with which the Regional NRM Plan must align
  • conceptual models and diagrams 
    • all conceptual diagrams and models used in plan
    • additional conceptual diagrams and models to support ongoing planning process (in progress).

Additional information

Additional information relating to the Regional NRM Plan is provided below.

Community values 

Maps of the spatial community values used in the Regional NRM Plan (collected during 2014):

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