How we track our progress

The SAAL NRM Board have in place a detailed monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement framework (MERI) for the SAAL region. This framework is based upon the long term monitoring of key environmental indicators at the regional scale that are directly related to the regional targets identified in the plan.

MERI activities offer integral input into the Board’s adaptive management approach and progress against the region’s management action targets (MATs) is reported in the annual On Track publication.

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The SAAL NRM Board has also been surveying key community groups in the region to monitor progress in meeting the SAAL Regional NRM Plan’s 10-year  Resource Condition Targets which require ‘that all those actively involved in the management of natural resources have the information, knowledge and skills needed to meet NRM priorities’. The results of these initial surveys serve as a benchmark against which future progress can be measured. The surveys were conducted on behalf of the SAAL NRM Board by the University of South Australia’s market research arm, the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.