Our region's progress

Our region’s progress

Why we track our progress

The SA Arid Lands Natural Resources Management (SAAL NRM) Plan sets targets for how the environment should be managed in the region. Our vision for the environment in our region is that ‘the SAAL NRM Region is a healthy functioning ecosystem with sustainable industries and vibrant communities’.

To ensure that the environment is being managed in a way that will achieve this vision, three goals were set in consultation with the regional community and have formed the basis for three broad program areas:

  1. Functioning ecosystems program
    Adaptive landscape-scale management which maintains and strengthens the natural functioning of the region’s ecological systems
  2. Sustainable use program
    Vibrant communities and industries using and managing natural resources within ecologically sustainable limits
  3. Active communities program
    Vibrant communities, governments and industries working together with the capability, commitment and connections to manage resources in an integrated way

Tracking our progress in our program areas enables us to review the effectiveness of actions and projects against timelines, targets and budgets. Equally importantly, it provides an information base that can be used in seeking ongoing improvement in NRM practices and processes.

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