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New plan for water use in the Far North released
15 March 2021

A new plan to protect and manage the finite resource of the Great Artesian Basin and other aquifers in the far north of SA has been officially released.

Fifteen local projects receive Grassroots Grants funding
15 October 2020

Tackling weeds at Beltana, monitoring Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby populations with the Yappala indigenous rangers, and assisting in the reintroduction of numbats and bandicoots into the Gawler Ranges were among the projects funded by the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board in its inaugural Grassroots Grants round.

United approach to Great Artesian Basin management
18 September 2020

The SA Arid Lands Landscape Board has welcomed a revised management plan that will protect the future of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB).

New grassroots funding to support local communities
20 July 2020

Volunteers and local community organisations will now be able to source greater funding opportunities through the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board’s new $100,000 Grassroots Grants program.

Back-to-basics regional landscape management
01 July 2020

South Australia’s natural resources management now has a back-to-basics approach giving local communities a far greater voice, with the new Landscape SA legislation commencing today.

Inaugural South Australian Arid Lands Landscape board members appointed
12 June 2020

The inaugural South Australian Arid Lands Landscape Board members have been appointed, joining Chair Ross Sawers, in leading a back-to-basics approach on managing natural resources in the region.

Night parrot: an elusive bird
27 March 2020

In a promising find, two sound recordings that are possibly the nocturnal ground-nesting parrot have been detected in the Coongie Lakes Ramsar area as part of the Coongie Wetland Wonders project.

Active malleefowl mounds spark hope for species recovery
02 December 2019

The discovery of five active malleefowl mounds in the Gawler Ranges has sparked fresh hopes of recovery for the threatened species. The five mounds were identified using state-of-the-art technology during a survey earlier this year.

Consultation opens for the revised Far North Water Allocation Plan
14 November 2019

Residents of the Far North Prescribed Wells Area are invited to comment on the draft of a revised Water Allocation Plan that has been released for consultation. The Water Allocation Plan (WAP) is designed to protect and sustainably manage the area’s water resources to provide security for all users now and into the future. It sets the rules by which the available groundwater is shared between environmental requirements and human uses and sets up licensing arrangements that provide an entitlement to the water.

Ten years of wild dog control
05 November 2019

A strategy to manage wild dogs in the SA Arid Lands region over the past decade has seen a coordinated effort to implement control methods by land managers.Central to the strategy, the Biteback program is a flagship project of the SA Arid Lands NRM Board and is supported by the Sheep Industry Fund.

Displaying 1 - 10 of 91 items