Native plants and animals

The South Australian Arid Lands (SAAL) region is home to a diverse range of native plant and animal species. Many of these are threatened or endangered. The SAAL Landscape Board works closely with the community to help conserve habitats and manage threats that impact on our precious native plants and native animals.

SAAL biodiversity strategy

A biodiversity strategy has been prepared for SAAL. This is a whole of government partnership response to South Australia's Strategic Plan target of 'lose no species'. The strategy provides an overarching framework to halt, and where possible reverse, the decline in the region's terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity.

The strategy consists of six documents. Volume one identifies the region-wide goal for biodiversity conservation and sets resource condition targets, management action targets and regional strategies to achieve this goal. Volumes two to six are separate documents, each identifying conservation priorities for each of the bioregions in the SAAL.