Bushfire recovery and agriculture


Bushfire affects people in many ways, from those whose homes are damaged or destroyed to those who lose property, stock, crops, water supplies, soils or pastures. If you have been affected by bushfire, support is available at all times.

Pastures and production

Allowing time for your pastures to recover and ensuring that your productive cropping ground is protected is critical after fire.

Water systems

Feral animals

While feral animals are at low levels, integrated control methods are most effective. Contact us (details below) for more information or help.

Weed incursion


Fixing fencing is often seen as a priority job after a fire, however as stock numbers will be low, fence lines can create erosion.

Erosion management

Fire affected soils are extremely prone to both wind and water erosion. Our region’s light sandy soils, dunes and hilly terrain are at risk, particularly in the early months of the year.

Property planning

Consider attending a rural land management course, seek the assistance of an agronomist or contact us (details below) for information on property planning. Use this time to consider the layout of your property.

Other aspects of recovery

Finally, offer help, but don’t be offended if it is refused. The natural reaction is “to do it yourself as you have always done”. Sometimes those affected may not want help immediately and you may need to offer again later. Nobody should be alone in their recovery. You can also call the Bushfire Hotline on 1300 362 361.

More information

We have a range of factsheets about bushfire prevention and recovery to assist you with good land management. Refer to the related links below.

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