Grazing livestock in the Mount Lofty Ranges - water

Dam on a farm

Managing watercourses and dams

Fencing watercourses and dams to exclude stock will help you protect water quality and prevent bank erosion. Benefits include:

Prevent tracking and pugging

Tracks used by stock can become bare, resulting in the channelling of water and erosion.

Pugging, caused by hard hooves on wet soils, damages the soil structure through compaction. This impedes drainage and aeration of the soil making it difficult for pasture plants to establish and grow.

Strategic placement of watering points and proper stock management will reduce the impact. Erect fencing to protect wet areas and exclude stock during wet periods. Areas that suffer continual tracking or pugging can be covered with rubble or hardwearing vegetation to manage erosion.

More information

We have developed a range of factsheets about grazing livestock in the Mount Lofty Ranges to assist you with good land management. See the related links below.

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